Mind, Body, and Laces

DrinKicks is a sneaker themed consumer packaged goods company that is focused on repurposing food waste and recycled materials into sustainable goods such as shoes, all while educating consumers on the power of the circular economy. 

Our approach will provide exposure to an important topic through the lens of sneaker culture. Our motto is Mind, Body, & Laces. The users will benefit by changing how they think about consumption (Mind). Users will learn about healthy products and habits for both themselves personally and the Earth (Body). Users will be more educated and have the threads (Laces) to tie everything together. 

As Featured

Our 360 Concept

If you look at sustainability or eco-friendly products in the past, it has always lacked the “cool culture”.  We want  people to understand that the products that we’re making go back into the earth or are repurposed and cool. 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Nowadays, brands are more focused than ever on achievable sustainability initiatives that offset the inherent waste generated in the production of consumer goods. As a result, one ongoing race in eco-friendliness with regards to sneakers has been to produce a sneaker with the lowest amount of life cycle CO2e emissions. What usually goes to the bin as waste – grape pulp, pineapple leaves, corn husks – is used to make shoes that have 89% less carbon emission than leather shoes. Not only do such vegan shoes replace animal leather, the use of food scrap also helps in minimizing food waste.