Mind, Body, and Laces

Welcome to Drinkicks, the world’s first sneaker themed beverage company. We believe the future of products will be circular. Our goal is to rethink our consumption habits in order to make a change through the lens of sneaker culture. We think about the end of life stage of our products, how they are collected, sorted and recycled into our business model.

The UN estimates that nearly half of the fruits and vegetables produced worldwide are wasted each year. In the United States alone, nearly 30% of all food, worth approximately $48.3 billion, is thrown away each year. By 2050, there are expected to be more pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans than there are fish. Our solutions are to design from our waste and pollution. Innovate to keep materials in use and create regenerating natural systems. 

As Featured

Let us kick some game!

Humans of today are going to face the worst effects from climate change and we are fighting back on a global scale. Let’s use the power of sneakers to make our climate action dreams a reality.

Increased education and awareness are what fuels small but growing movements. Humans, who are the present and future inhabitants of the world we live in, play a crucial role in building a sustainable and livable planet.

What is DrinKicks?

Drinkicks are Pressed Juices with health benefits that expand beyond their ingredients, Users want to engage and be part of something unique. We found that it was easier to change the way we engage with healthy beverages versus why we drink them. 

Why Ours Is The Best

Juicing is our passion and we absess about the details.

Locally Sourced

All our ingredients are sourced from local farms on the West Coast and hand-selected for highest quality.

Farm to bottle in 48 hours

Each ingredient makes it from the farm into the bottle in 48 hours. Our produce is never frozen or pasteurized.

100% Juice

Our cold pressed juice is 100% pure fruit and vegetables. No water, concentrates, added sugars, or preservatives.



Plant Sole Seeds on the real-world map and watch them grow into sneaker produce. You can also use these to customize your own digital bio – sneakers on an eco-friendly blockchain.


The more footsteps, the more “Sole” seedlings grow. Once they are ripe, pluck them out to trade them for sneaker parts at the Fresh Market. The more you walk, the more unique and more valuable these fruits and veggies become.


The first project bringing NFTs to pressed juice and sneakers. Pairing the security of blockchain with the benefits of wellness. We are taking a different approach by giving more utility to digital/physical goods and making them more accessible to
everyday users.

Our 360 Concept

Drinkicks are pressed juices with health benefits that expand beyond their ingredients. Users want to engage and be part of something unique.  If you look at sustainability or eco-friendly products in the past, it has always lacked the “cool culture”.  We want  people to understand that the products that we’re making go back into the earth or are repurposed and cool. 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Nowadays, brands are more focused than ever on achievable sustainability initiatives that offset the inherent waste generated in the production of consumer goods. As a result, one ongoing race in eco-friendliness with regards to sneakers has been to produce a sneaker with the lowest amount of life cycle CO2e emissions. What usually goes to the bin as waste – grape pulp, pineapple leaves, corn husks – is used to make shoes that have 89% less carbon emission than leather shoes. Not only do such vegan shoes replace animal leather, the use of food scrap also helps in minimizing food waste.