We are what we drink and what we wear: How Juice, farms, bio materials and community can save the planet.

When humans make a purchase whether it be food, clothes or technology they are taking a stance on who they are. Consumers are putting their money where their mouth is and willing to spend more for those things to help communicate their social identity and save the planet.

Plant-Based Diets Can Reduce Carbon Emissions by 73%, but also increase carbon capture

A recent study by Oxford University researchers found that individual carbon footprints can be reduced by 73 percent. An international research team, led by scientists at Leiden University, calculated that if high-income nations moved away from animal products, much less land would be needed to grow food. Vast areas could then revert to their natural state, with wild plants and trees drawing carbon from the atmosphere.  Findings, published in the journal Science, were expanded to reveal that without dietary change, global warming will be unstoppable.  Choosing to eat plant based is the single most impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Making food more affordable for ethnic minority groups is crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our diet.

DrinKicks adds healthy drink choices, as well as developing educational programs through gaming to promote healthy eating and a change in behavior. DrinKicks gives people access to the earth, the process of growing food, the cycles of nature and bridges the gap between individuals that grow up in the city and where their food comes from. We believe urban farming brings fresh, organic, and locally grown food to areas that might typically not have access to those things. Turning food waste into compost to grow fresh produce in an urban farm not only helps to close the loop on food waste, but also supports the underprivileged for the wider community.

According to a new study of food habits in the US, a healthy diet with lower environmental impacts is achievable for a large portion of the population. But it is unaffordable for up to 38% of Black and Hispanic individuals in the lowest income and education groups, healthier diets can result in higher costs and potentially create a barrier for individuals of lower socio-economic status.

Locally sourced in California

At DrinKicks, we believe that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why being locally-sourced is our top priority. We have personal relationships with all our farmers and an understanding of how our produce is planted, grown, and harvested. It’s our passion and respect for real food that helps us create the highest quality, best-tasting product.

100% Juice

Our cold pressed juice is 100% pure fruit and vegetables. No water, concentrates, added sugars, or preservatives. Each ingredient makes it from the farm into the bottle in 48 hours. Our produce is never frozen or pasteurized. At DrinKicks, we’re committed to 100% organic ingredients.

Sneakers made of food waste

What if you can find a cool pair that is sustainability designed right down to its packaging? Drinkicks use by-products of the food industry that are counted as waste – apple skin and hearts, grape skin, seeds, and pineapple leaves! Some of these can be found in our drinks! We strive to create sneakers with a low impact on the environment. Drinkicks' aims to create products that are breathable, recyclable, and cruelty-free.

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SNKEARTH rewards program

SNKEARTH is the first Play -To - Save gaming concept created by the creators of DrinKicks that combines gamification, sneakers, sustainability and blockchain technology to create environmental awareness. We are marrying hype with sustainable practices and bringing innovative new pathways and gamification to the market.

Sustainable packaging

All DrinKicks materials are designed to reduce our impact. This includes sustainably crafted and recyclable shipping boxes.

Circularity design loop

Thinking about the product ( End to End ) and all the lives the product can have. DrinKicks makes sustainability more accessible: creating the best product possible, right now, in the most ethical and sustainable way. Utilizing physical juice to nurture the human body and blockchain technology to create tangible products that people can and will interact with every day of their life.

Join Our Sustainability Team

Our aim is not limited too growing and selling healthy Juice; it extends to ensuring that DrinKicks creates opportunities for the future that are ecologically and financially viable for years to come.